Grading Policies

Note: Every class starts out the year with a Pre-Test.
The Pre-Test will be posted in School Tool, but will not count as a grade.
The Post-Test is taken at the end of the course, must have a passing grade to count,
and is worth 100 points.
  1. Classroom Grade:
  2. Each student starts out with 25 classroom credit points per week. That is

    five points a day.

    Points are kept by:

    • Active participation in class: taking notes, working on class/lab assignments, and volunteering answers to posed questions.
    • If a student needs no reminders of Behavioral Expectations.
    • Handing in assignments when due.
  3. Project/Activity/Lab Grades:
  4. Depending on the class, there are numerous projects/activities/labs assigned
    during each semester.
    These assignments may be worth from 25 to over 300 points
    - depending on the complexity of the material presented and the effort
    needed to successfully complete the assignment.

    • Following the Rubrics will result in good grades.
    • Class credit will be lost for late assignments.
  5. Quiz Grade:
  6. The vocabulary and concepts of technology and science are important,

    and quizzes will be given throughout the year.

    • Quizzes are open notebook, which includes notes taken in class and any past quizzes and tests. The quiz grade reflects the effort to take notes, the ability to be able to locate
      information, once the notes are taken, and the organizational skills needed to hang on to
      all relevant material given in class.
    • Each Quiz is worth between 35 - 65 points.
  7. Test Grade:
  8. Tests are given throughout the semester.

    ALL tests ( including the Post-Test) are closed notebook and reflect the effort
    taken to learn the material presented in class.

    • Tests are worth 100 points.
  9. Final Exam:
  10. Final exams are given at the end of each course.

    Regents courses will take a State Exam.

    Local Final Exams (semester length, non-Regents courses) are open notebook
    and are based on questions given throughout the course.

    NOTE: Local Final Exams are long and students should be prepared to answer
    most of the questions without relying on notes or previous quizzes.

    • Final Local Exams are calculated as a third of the final average for a semester course.
  11. Class work/Lab work/Homework Grade: A majority of the work assigned will be completed in class.
  12. If a student falls behind with assigned work, for what ever reason, it will be up to
    the student to make up lost work and class time on their own.

    All grades are posted on School Tool, and updated on Sunday evening. Please contact the school if there are issues accessing this program.

    I am available after school-
    Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday afternoons:
    2:10 PM - 4:10 PM for help.

    The Final Grade is calculated from the number of the points
    that are earned compared to the total number of points that
    could be achieved.

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