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Melissa Muller

Transportation Coordinator

600 RTE 55

PO Box 249
ELDRED, NY 12732

[email protected]

845-456-1100 Ex. 5221

Fax: 845-856-9986

Your Child's Safety Depends on These Following Rules:

1. ALWAYS STAY OUT OF THE SCHOOL BUS DANGER ZONE. The tires are the most dangerous part of the bus. Never play near the bus. (15 feet around the entire bus).

2. USE THE "TEN FOOT RULE" IF YOU HAVE TO CROSS THE ROAD WHEN GETTING ON OR OFF THE BUS. Always cross far enough in front of the bus that you can see the bus driver's face. Do not cross until the bus driver signals to you that it is safe. Always look carefully both ways yourself when you have reached the driver's side. Again watch for driver's signal. The horn means go back.

3. Never return for something you have dropped in the road - get the bus driver's or some other adult's attention - they will help you. Parents can assist in this situation by giving your child a book bag.

4. If the bus driver honks the horn while you are crossing, go back to the "safe curb" (the curb you started from) at once! A car could be speeding towards you - remember, not all cars stop for the bus' flashing lights!

5. Always stay in your seat on the bus, unless you are getting off of the bus and the bus is fully stopped. Most injuries on a bus are the result of children not being properly seated. Do not sit on your books or on your knees. Do not sit with your legs out in the aisles. If the bus has to stop quickly, you could be seriously hurt.

6. KNOW HOW TO EVACUATE THE BUS IN AN EMERGENCY. Your bus driver will explain this to you. Listen closely. In an accident or a fire, you might have to get off of the bus quickly, without panicking.

Bus safety is a team effort involving the bus driver, the student, the motoring public, and the parents. Please reĀ­member that it is illegal to pass a school bus with red lights flashing. If you have any questions or safety concerns, please call the bus garage at 856-9980.

Thank you for helping teach our children school bus safety.

Melissa Muller

Transportation Coordinator

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